We could list your club or association on our website. This would assist in creating more awareness and encourage more interested women in your local area to join. Please contact us on to inform us if you would like us to link your club to our website. Simply send us the details including the benefits.

Are you interested in setting up a Women’s Inventors & Innovators Club in your area. Here are 10 Tips you may wish to consider.

1. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel if there is already one in your area – simply join one and offer to assist and participate whenever possible. You could offer to become
a volunteer. Most clubs and associations run with very little financial support therefore they may welcome volunteers.

2. If you do not have one in your local area then consider calling a first meeting with your creative and inventive friends and colleagues -  You may be able to get a venue free o keep
the costs down. This could be very low key with little expenditure for light refreshments such as tea and biscuits.

3. Use this initial meeting to discuss and agree on the way forward for the club. This will provide you with an opportunity to gauge the level of interest and support. You will also be able to agree on how you intend to recruit members, membership fees if any, what the benefits for joining would be, date for launch of club and how you intend to run it.

4. Promote the launch of the club as widely as possible. Use word of mouth as well as the internet, emails, social network such as Facebook and Twitter, include the media and even local newspapers.

5. Invite Guests that are supportive to inventors – such as Patent Attorneys, Product Designers, Manufacturers and even investors to help with the opening of the club


6. Try and make the club as informal as possible – remember that your primary aim should be to support each other while trying to make that big idea a reality and success. Make it helpful, share knowledge and information and make it fun and relaxing. Provide opportunities for sharing experiences that demonstrate dedication, tenacity and determination in getting that idea out there

7. Consider having a constitution which could help with the running of the club, you will need to consider elections of members such as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Agree on roles,

aims and objectives and membership fees of the club. You may also benefit from a set of written code of conducts for club members which should cover areas such as ‘confidentiality’
and ‘respecting each members views’.

8. Remember, many may be starting out for the first time while some may already be successful inventors – whatever the case, try and create an atmosphere that embraces everyone

9. Invite a Speaker with a relevant topic for each of your meetings and promote this before the meeting to encourage members to attend

10. Try not to be too formal, make it as welcoming as possible and embrace creative minds from all sectors. Remember to contact GWIIN once your club is up and running by email 

If you are in a developing country or from an area that women need capacity building and support – you may be able to get a grant from the Global Women’s Fund.



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