Special Recognition Awards went to:

Helen TWIGGE-MOLECEY for My Wondercube - A unique, organic, innovative and educational children’s toy

Alison BOURNE for Colour Breathing - Relaxation and stress management techniques

Paula Jennine JAMES for Pivotal Radiator Device - Easy, non messy, pivotal radiator allowing easy access behind radiators for cleaning or decorating

Melodie McKENZIE for Vapalight  - Environmentally friendly product that can emit a variety of scents/chemicals with laboratory accredited mosquito and flying insect repellent and also fragrance delivery system

Diana ROBBINS for DART DESIGNS - High quality designer windbreaks made from a combination of recycled and new sailcloth

Cintra JAGGAN-VINCE for Clip X - Multi- purpose and easy to use clothes peg

Elizabeth DAVIES for Revolution Eco Media Player - The world’s first eco friendly wind-up multimedia player. It’s a self sustaining, portable media device with a unique patented wind up generator.

Christina VALENTINE for Valentina Lighting - A lamp that has thousands and thousands of fibre optic pins in it that light up 

Sharon WRIGHT for Magnamole - The first ever pick up tool for safety and quickly threading wires and cables through cavity walls.

Lynda HARDING for Easidream - A cot rocking device designed to help parents soothe their young baby to sleep. 

Sara MURRAY for BUDDI - The world’s smallest GPS tracker with emergency support, which locates people instantly.

Solvej BIDDLE for The Cot Canopy - Lightweight portable canopy that fits over all standard cots

Sue EATHERDEN  for StickySkin Plaster - Fabric plasters for covering cuts or minor injuries for darker skin tones.

Chwarae Teg - First organisation in Wales to highlight the importance of work life balance and flexibility in the workplace.

Melissa STERRY  for Societas - Visionary creative concepts and ground breaking first-to-market ventures

Morag HUTCHEON for ‘Active Accessories’ - A new category of products targeted first at the female motor cycle community and then extending the market to other activity pursuits globally.

Diana Peckaj VUKOVIC for Forehead-rest for hair washing - A utensil that takes over the weight carried by the back whilst providing comfortable rest for the head.

Abi FAMILUSI for Urikaz Feet Solutions -  Online retail footware and accessories – mainly stylish shoes and accessories uniquely designed for women with large, long or wide feet.

Amaka OLATEJU for WuChi by Maks - Luxury handmade skin care products for bath & body

Anne BOWEN for Ardclinis Outdoor Adventure - Delivering teambuilding, multi activity and skill based courses.

Anna RUNEFELT for Magnum Opus - Independent project showing a beautiful collection of art, using quality professional work in mixed media

Aleatha CUMBERBATCH for Travelbib - Luxury handmade skin care products for bath & body

Emily Webb for Oarsome – an ergonomically designed handgrip for use with the Oarsome potential rowing oar handle.

Emilienne REBEL for Bold Beanies - Simple cotton jersey hats, for people with hair loss, in a beautiful range of funky prints and plains.

Elly Chesterman for JARGON BOARD GAME- assists social workers in their form assessment, can be used as a training tool, used by foster carers to help children settle in their new placements or revisit the house rules of existing placements.

Geraldine MATTIS for Be healthy Be happy Eat Smart Plate- Designer tableware for swanky hotels, airlines and cruise ships while also filling the gap in the market for tableware for children.

Helen BRISTOL for Skibz - Baby and toddler dribble bibs which maximises absorbency and wicks moisture away to prevent chaffing of delicate skin.

 Beatrice Muteru for JoyBell Cakes - Uniquely designed cakes befitting all occasions and all themes

Bridget DOCKING for Sent and Meant Framed Greeting Cards  - Frames that  increase the lifespan of greeting cards and allow the consumers the choice to display as a conventional picture for as long as desired. 

Cally ROBSON for She’s Ingenious! - Coaching and support for women developing new product ideas and inventions,centred around an online resource library and discussion forum

Claire HAINSTOCK for ACTING THE PARTY ® -  Innovative solution to the problem parents face when planning and financing children’s parties

Ihuaku Nweke for Ikollection Fusion range - Innovative range of designer jewellery and accessories that forms Ikollection.
Ivana DRCEC  for REFIT PLUS - Software Application

Jan WILLIAMS for Frodsham Laser Clinic Limited - Laser Hair removal for unwanted body and facial

Joanne PANAYI for New Shoes Sculpture Range - Figurative sculptures set out to challenge the view of what people to consider to be appealing as a feminine sculpture

Laura TEMPLETON & Angela Newton for Take Shapes - An innovative new approach to dementia assessment and planning for dementia care

Laura WALKER-FLYNN for CURL WHIRL - Hair styling appliance that does not use heat, butane gas or electric

Liz FORRESTER for The Go Green Bag - Helping to promote businesses while making a green statement

LYZE BAMIGBOLA-SILAS for HATS and FASCINATORS - Hats and Fascinators are made with high-grade materials and to the highest standards which are careful colour matched

Maria MARINO  for Global Architectural and Design RIBA Chartered Practice - Designs of residential, commercial, hotels, leisure, education, shops, offices and listed buildings in conservation areas

Malgorzata KRUMPLEWSKA for for High quality language tutoring supplied in real time online.

Marion AYONOTE for The Icon Bag Series & The Jiggs Pump and Boots -  Unique and creative bags

Mirjana BRLECIC  for The NIKEL Healthy pharmacist-signed cosmetics - Healthy and natural cosmetics with herbal ingredients of proven efficiency

Natasha FAITH & Semhal ZEMIKAEL for La Diosa Jewellery - Handmade and bespoke jewellery

Dr Neri KARRA, for Neri Karra Leather Products - High quality leather and accessories

SAMIRA TABAN, DR for ABS System - designed to prevent bedsore, a common complaint among long hospitalized patients, complete bed rest and immobile patients, spinal injury, MS and paralysis cases.

SOODSAWAT RIGG for NORTHERN SCHOOL OF ASIAN & ORIENTAL CULTURAL COOKING ROAD SHOW CICA highly biodegradable product which will change the whole ethos into how we presently use polystyrene as a product and how the World will have to change to Bagasse. 

Wendy BOWERS for DVD and Training Range ‘So…You can be a success’ - 20 minute DVD’s in plain English for different stages of business development

Iwalola OWOLABI for Ebony Business Network - empowering underprivileged women through various events, workshop and conferences and most importantly to encourage women to have multiple streams of income

Italian Women Inventors and Innovators Network (ITWIIN- devoted to support, train and give visibility and recognition to Italian women inventors and innovators.

KVENN and QUIIN Iceland for Connecting inventive women in Iceland and cooperating with similar associations globally by rewarding women for their inventions.

South Africa Women Entrepreneurs Network for building the capacity of innovative women in Technology

Make Your Mark Campaign for building the capacity of innovative women with their Ambassadors programme

Mexican Women Inventors & Innovators Network (MEXWII) for building the capacity of inventive and innovative women

NGO QUIN- Estonia for building the capacity of inventive and innovative women

QUIN FINLAND for building the capacity of inventive and innovative women

OGUNTE LTD, UK - A mission to facilitate women’s vision and actions for a fairer and more sustainable world.

SOCIETAS, UK for Sustainable Innovation Think Tank, Agency and Incubator

Yaba College of TechnologyLagos, Nigeria- A main objective is to provide full time and part time courses of instruction and training in Technology, Commerce and Management, and in other fields of Applied learning for both women and men.




Special Recognition Awards went to:

Abiola AJAYI-OBE SmartChartz Incentive Tools 
Angela BEATTIE Ten Fingers 
Jane HARDING Interlocking Ventilator 
Karen O’NEILL RDA Organic Kids Range - Sqqquishy & Squeeezy 
Emily WEBB The Oarsome Potential Handle 
Caroline OAKLEY The Crisp Bar 
Charlotte EVANS & Carolyn JARVIS The Buggy Boot 
Lesley ROGERS Garden Tribe 
Lindsay HAYMAN 
Lavina THOMPSON Baa-Baa blind 
Jane MITCHELL Plug Pal 
Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE Learn with Grandma 
Sue GASCOYNE Playscope® 
Bethan Myfanwy HUGHES Practitioner in Harp Therapy & Healing Harp Productions 
Sue BELL & Nicole BELL The Poopod 
Grace BARDIN-VARNEY Collection Beau Monde 
Paige ALLEN FruityFaces 
Linda JONES The Memorial Bud Vase 
Shirley PARFITT Dunes 
Sue SCOTT-HORNE EGAR, Educational Games & Resources Ltd. 
Susanne Chishti Yes! Super Baby 
Nousha PAKPOUR International Dolls House 
Yvonne BRUTON-MILLER & Amanda REES Bamba’s® First Comforts 
Lynda HARDING The Easidream™ 
Kate BAXTER Musical Foodbar 
Kezi LEVIN Sock Ons® 
Julie ANGEL Learn To Paint Water Colours 
Dr. Julie SMITH Virtual 3D Tawe model 
Vivean POMELL Hat and Hair Piece 
Cintra JAGGAN-VINCE Bra-Aid 
Nicola RATHBONE Handspan 
Simin Hagh NAZARI Culture Media Production by Ultrasound Waves for Aspergillus and Mucor 
Renee M. CLEARY ESQ BLUEneck and BLUEclip 
Abeke Clementina DOREGOS Doregos Private Academy 



IYANDA ADUKE FUNMILOLA from Oyo State for her innovative TV programme 'New Dawn' SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD

ABIOYE EDIALE from Lagos State for her innovative and creative bags 'Mon Sac'

KOFOWOROLA ORIJA from Lagos State for her innovative Bloom Cancer Care and Support Center SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD

CHIKWENDU VICTORIA OBIOMA from Abia State for her innovative initiatives i.e. Drama "Victim: DELE.." and Music Album - "INVISIBLE LOVE" SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD

ADEJUYITAN OLUKEMI BOSEDE from Osun State for her Nigerian Abang Dancer (Hanger and Fashion Accessories Compartment - Stylised Figure.) SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD

HAJIA WASILAT ADENIKE AKOMOLAFE from Lagos State for her innovative fabric material highlighting African designs like Batik, screen printing designs, tie and dye with unique tailoring and embroidery designs SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD



Dawn Gibbins MBE from the United Kingdom with her Mondeco Flooring

Kolfinna Knutsdottir from Iceland with her Clothes made from UV protected Textile

Simi Belo from United Kingdom with her ‘New Hair’ Wig

Fu Dong from Singapore with her Web Noodles

Giselle Rufer from Switzerland with Delance – ‘Time for Women’

Clair Ong Kwee Cheng from Singapore with her Versy, the Interchangeable green Handbag dress it up to dress you up

Lillian Too from Malaysia with successfully modernising the Chinese esoteric and cultural practice of Feng Shui, popularising it worldwide & transforming it into a global business franchise

Boey Yut Mei & Chang Kiat Yin from Singapore with their "GOALS" BOARD GAME

Carlita Rex Doran from Phillipines with her Herbal Base Composition for Cosmetic Applicator

Chong Phit Lian from Singapore with her Global Learning Journey

Margaret Galabe from the USA with her Women Economic Empowerment and Access to Global Markets 

Jane Kiunsi from Tanzania Promoting Innovative Rural Women Cottage Industries.