Over the years GWIIN has showcased many remarkable and innovative products and many of our previous winners have gone on to establish successful businesses and achieve global recognition.

These include Mandy Haberman, inventor of the Haberman Feeder and the Anywayup Cup, Tish Fearn, who has signed a major distribution deal with B&Q for her Lite-Lift equine and gardening tools, and Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE, named Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year 2004.




Unlike other cups, the Anywayup Cup has no gap above the valve in which drips can lurk. This is because drink only flows when your child drinks, the risk of tooth decay from comfort sucking is avoided.
Inventor,Mandy Haberman was the British Female Inventor of the Year 2000. She was a finalist in the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Awards for 2003, and recognised by HM Queen Elizabeth as a Pioneer to the Life of the Nation.
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Mandy Haberman - BFIY 2000 Winner 

Mandy, who was previously a graphic designer, has patented her unique inventions for protection. V&A Marketing Ltd in Cardiff sells the Anywayup Cup to 70 countries worldwide and it is licensed for sale in the United States. 

Mandy also invented The Haberman Feeder which is licensed for sale abroad. Sponsored by The Patent Office and Fair Play London, the event highlights the creative ideas of women at a time when patent applications in Britain are at an all-time high. 

Many of the women who competed for the awards have patented their inventions to deter people from copying them and claiming them as their own.


“I have had a brilliant term as British Female Inventor of the Year. The Award attracted a great deal of free publicity both in the press and on television. This has been a direct benefit to both sales of my product, the Anywayup cup, and to me personally. Most significantly, the title provided me with a platform from which to urge for much needed changes to the patent system. 

Public perception of inventors has always been of eccentric, bow-tie clad boffins essentially male. Before the competition I thought that, as a female inventor, I was out there on my own but I was wrong. 

The event has been a great opportunity to network with other like-minded women and make new friends”.  Mandy Haberman - BFIY 2000 Winner




Skiweb Ski & Pole Carrier are lightweight, ultra compact. Skiweb attaches around either side of the bindings to make carrying skis and poles easy. The strap is worn over the shoulder. Comfortable to use, packs away super-small to sit in your pocket, and a doddle to put on.

Inventor, Sian Brooks won Best Business Idea in 2009 at the British Female Inventors and Innovators Awards 

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Delance Swiss watches are precious Taliswoman made by women, for women of the new millennium. For a time of sharing, a time of living, a time of harmony and spirituality. A time of infinite love."

Creator and innovator, Giselle Rufer-Delance was specially recognised in Singapore in 2004 and in Germany 2007 and has  since gone on to win several awards including the ' Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 ' award in Switzerland

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Specifically designed to be easier to use. Unlike ordinary cookware they feature ergonomically designed handles and steadying grips which put much less strain on your wrist and lower arms, while providing a greater degree of control. High grade hard anodized for even heat transfer. Made from top quality aluminium so lighter to use. Suitable for most cooking on surfaces including electric, gas and ceramic. All pans include a stainless steel lid with Ergonomic silicone coated handles and are dishwasher safe.

Designer and Entrepreneur, Celia Gates is the European Female Designer of the Year 2007  and has won several other awards for her product..

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Bloom products brings the shores of the Dead Sea to undergo the unique mud mask treatment. With its extensive experience in the production of cosmetics, it has an exceptionally comprehensive cosmetics series, including skin and hair care products with an especially high concentration of minerals and salts from the Dead Sea. Bloom products help smooth the skin's surface and reduce wrinkle depth and skin roughness. Bloom has a range of 42 enthusiastic employees and a range of 52 items now exporting to more than 40 countries, including the USA, UAE, Hungary, UK, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Libya and Kuwait.

Innovator and Entrepreneur of the Bloom Dead Sea Products Elham Zeadat from the Kingdom of Jordan  won a GWIIN Innovation Award in 2003.

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These are eco-friendly transformations of worn-out tyres recycled into state of the art furniture ranging from high stools,centre tables, sofas , office chairs, coffee bars – the end uses are endless.

Exceptionally creative Rama Anand, founder of the Delhi Art Gallery from India won an Award at the GWIIN event in 2003.

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The Lite-Lift is manufactured from polypropylene and aluminium and is extremely tough and durable, yet is so light it can be balanced on just one finger! It incorporates a fully adjustable handle making it suitable for both short and tall individuals and can be adapted to the user's own personal requirements.

Lite-lift is the invention of Tish Fearn, a horsewoman and animal sanctuary owner who became the British Female inventor of the year in 2003.

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Aquoavate turns air into pure portable drinking water and is applicable for any environment from high tech offices to to any place with minimum humidity level. Singapore based Inventor,Olivia Lum was awarded a GWIIN top ten winner award in 2004

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