The GWIIN Conferences and Fundamental Training Programmes

Knowledge exchange platform focusing primarily on relevant issues relating to intellectual property rights, growing enterprises; the unleashing of the entrepreneurial potential, capacity building leading to the empowerment of women with a particular focus on exceptionally creative ideas, innovation and technologies.

  • The GWIIN Workshops

A series of half day to one day workshops on a range of important and crucial topics.

  • The GWIIN Personal and Community Development Mastery Seminar Programmes

Programmes tailored to the needs of women while providing the opportunity to maximise leadership potentials. With a team of senior level Operational Directors and expertise in various aspects of capacity building, GWIIN provides a one-stop shop for much needed assistance in design, technology, product development to ensure success and a measurable competitive edge.

  • The GWIIN Showcases

Providing an opportunity to exhibit & promote the many unique processes, services and products.

  • The GWIIN Awards

Specialists in organising and creating a judging process that is fair and of international standard and a platform that recognises the achievements of women inventors and innovators in the various sectors, regions and continents of the world.

  • The GWIIN Research, Development & Evaluation Programs

Bringing the facts and figures that really matter.


GWIIN’s Services also include: 

For Organisations  & Government Departments:

• Training & Information Sessions

• Community Development

• Organisational change

• Project Development & Management

• Analysis for Researchers

• Investigation & Finding

• Equal Opportunity & Diversity Issues

• Social & Business Etiquette

For Individuals:

• Independent Advice

• Promotion & Marketing Opportunities

• Demystifying Intellectual Property Rights

• Personal Development

• Product Development

• Marketing & Product Launches

• Training & Information Sessions

• Access to Finance

• Social & Business Etiquette