Melinda Holohan wins British Female Inventors Awards 2011
Semi-Finals with her perpetual desk calendar for children.


An innovative idea from a London based woman caught the attention of judges at this years BFIIN Awards making it the top invention of the year.

Melinda Holohanis the inventor of the Circa - the Circular Calendarwhich is a wooden educational toy calendar that encourages parent-child interaction and is designed to help children understand the cycles of the calendar.  It is divided into four pieces that represent a major cyclical event in the calendar, Circa's design is based on ease of learning for children in a gradual progression at their individual paces. Children can explore each different component individually and fit them together as their knowledge increases. To find out more about Melinda’s invention visit  



In addition to the overall award for ‘best woman inventor & innovator’ there were other winning ideas which are listed below. All were specially recognised at the BFIIN Awards 2011:

CLARE BARDNER was the first runner up with her invention Me Finder™ & the Show & Tell Child Safety Programme which is a fun & funky digital wristband, for children aged under 7 to help them if they get lost. It stores up to 5 phone numbers. The child wears the band when they go out and parents teach them Show & Tell. If they get lost, they Show a ‘safe adult’ & Tell them to phone mummy; Stay where you are. 


MALECHI MCKENNA was the second runner upGrowgen®: An automatic plant watering system that utilises pressurised or gravity fed water for ‘greener’ growing and to save up to 40% less water, than conventional water sprinkler systems, as the plants themselves control the water usage. 



BILL CURRIE was the third runner up with the Ergonomic sprung inserts for National Health Crutches is an invention that has been tried and tested by qualified Physiotherapists and out patients suffering from injuries that cause them to use crutches’ to get around. 



ANGELA TELLA won the innovation category for Healthy, West African & Wise™ - The Complete Guide to a Healthy West African Diet and Lifestyle, is the world’s first book providing tailored solutions to the diet- and lifestyle- related health issues facing West Africans.




DR ASMA OMER was the runner up for The Success Diary is based on the revolutionary concept of Activity Management. The ethos is that great achievement in whatever calling is the result of taking directive, progressive and consistent actions towards the achievement of a predetermined purpose or goal, regardless of the length of time it might take to come to fruition.




GENNY JONESwas the second runner up for theGift of ConfidenceCIC – a series of workshops incorporating the infectious song  called “Be confident” and boxes which contain things which can be used as a tool to help boost confidence and help the individual to maximise their potential and be the best they can be. 



EVELYN NWAJAGU of Ijeve Designs won the exceptional creativity category for her fusion of African and western designs.  A creation of unique contemporary styles with a seamless fusion of culture and tradition into fashion.




PETRINA KAMARA was runner up for The essence of beauty” Designed with care, made by hand and inspired by passion. Designs are simply made to turn heads and get people to ask questions. Jewellery designed with the customer’s satisfaction in mind.




European Union Women Inventors & Innovators Network


Denise Anstey
British Female Inventor of the year Award winner 2009

Denise Anstey of Bristol won the Welsh Assembly Government supported, British Female Inventor of the Year 2009 title with her invention, Slik Stik, at the awards event at the Hilton Hotel Cardiff, Wales on 30 June 2009.

Denise Anstey, a disabled lady who was dissatisfied with the poor ergonomics and basic function of conventional walking sticks came up with the idea with this stick that folds for convenient storage and portability, whilst maintaining a firm and rigid support when extended. A four - position stem adjusts easily to your preferred height while the comfortable and well designed hand grip has arubberised non-slip coating.

Denise said, “It’s people that matter in this world and I knew then that my invention would target in this way”

There is more to this walking stick as the front of the hand grip incorporates a super bright LED torch light which shines a forward beam and a foot-fall floodlight to ensure safe footing at night on pavements, steps, and other trip hazards. The rear of the handle incorporates a built in panic alarm that can be activated to alert for help.

A further press on the control button provides high intensity red LED strobe lights located down the shaft of the stick, adding safety and security when walking near to traffic or crossing roads.  Better still, the above functions do NOT require the use of disposable batteries therefore ensuring an Eco-Friendly product.

Denise is one  of Baylis Next Generation protégé and has relied on the expertise of engineers at Baylis with their state of the art induction generator system inside Slik – Stik.

To learn more please visit http://tclproducts.co.uk/ba7080.html


See the list of winners below (for images please visit our photo gallery):

Inventor of the Year Award 2009 - Denise Anstey - Slik Stik

Best Business Idea - Sian Brooks - Skiweb


Education Award - Paula Sofowora - Discover Nigeria


Product Development & Design - Ermila Smith Winter in Venice, Pamper Beautiful


Capacity Building Initiatives or Products - SACOMA


Exceptional Creative Award - Jane Rafter Slinks


Product Development & Packaging - Ermila Smith Winter in Venice, Pamper Beautiful


Inventors/Innovators In Industry - Dr Hanna Syulska-Lawrence Mars Microscopy Substrates


Global Organisation Award - Croatian Association of Inventors


International Award - Ivana Zilljak Infraredesign


Special Recognition Awards also went to:


Helen TWIGGE-MOLECEY for My Wondercube - A unique, organic, innovative and educational children’s toy


Alison BOURNE for Colour Breathing - Relaxation and stress management techniques


Paula Jennine JAMES for Pivotal Radiator Device - Easy, non messy, pivotal radiator allowing easy access behind radiators for cleaning or decorating


Melodie McKENZIE for Vapalight  - Environmentally friendly product that can emit a variety of scents/chemicals with laboratory accredited mosquito and flying insect repellent and also fragrance delivery system


Diana ROBBINS for DART DESIGNS - High quality designer windbreaks made from a combination of recycled and new sailcloth


Cintra JAGGAN-VINCE for Clip X - Multi- purpose and easy to use clothes peg


Elizabeth DAVIES for Revolution Eco Media Player - The world’s first eco friendly wind-up multimedia player. It’s a self sustaining, portable media device with a unique patented wind up generator.


Christina VALENTINE for Valentina Lighting - A lamp that has thousands and thousands of fibre optic pins in it that light up 


Sharon WRIGHT for Magnamole - The first ever pick up tool for safety and quickly threading wires and cables through cavity walls.


Lynda HARDING for Easidream - A cot rocking device designed to help parents soothe their young baby to sleep.


Sara MURRAY for BUDDI - The world’s smallest GPS tracker with emergency support, which locates people instantly.


Solvej BIDDLE for The Cot Canopy - Lightweight portable canopy that fits over all standard cots


Sue EATHERDEN  for StickySkin Plaster - Fabric plasters for covering cuts or minor injuries for darker skin tones.


Chwarae Teg - First organisation in Wales to highlight the importance of work life balance and flexibility in the workplace.


Melissa STERRY  for Societas - Visionary creative concepts and ground breaking first-to-market ventures


Morag HUTCHEON for ‘Active Accessories’ - A new category of products targeted first at the female motor cycle community and then extending the market to other activity pursuits globally.


Diana Peckaj VUKOVIC for Forehead-rest for hair washing - A utensil that takes over the weight carried by the back whilst providing comfortable rest for the head.


Abi FAMILUSI for Urikaz Feet Solutions -  Online retail footware and accessories – mainly stylish shoes and accessories uniquely designed for women with large, long or wide feet.


Amaka OLATEJU for WuChi by Maks - Luxury handmade skin care products for bath & body


Anne BOWEN for Ardclinis Outdoor Adventure - Delivering teambuilding, multi activity and skill based courses.


Anna RUNEFELT for Magnum Opus - Independent project showing a beautiful collection of art, using quality professional work in mixed media.


Aleatha CUMBERBATCH for Travelbib - Luxury handmade skin care products for bath & body


Emily Webb for Oarsome – an ergonomically designed handgrip for use with the Oarsome potential rowing oar handle.


Emilienne REBEL for Bold Beanies - Simple cotton jersey hats, for people with hair loss, in a beautiful range of funky prints and plains.


Elly Chesterman for JARGON BOARD GAME- assists social workers in their form assessment, can be used as a training tool, used by foster carers to help children settle in their new placements or revisit the house rules of existing placements.

Geraldine MATTIS for Be healthy Be happy Eat Smart Plate- Designer tableware for swanky hotels, airlines and cruise ships while also filling the gap in the market for tableware for children.

Helen BRISTOL for Skibz - Baby and toddler dribble bibs which maximises absorbency and wicks moisture away to prevent chaffing of delicate skin.

Beatrice Muteru for JoyBell Cakes - Uniquely designed cakes befitting all occasions and all themes

Bridget DOCKING for Sent and Meant Framed Greeting Cards  - Frames that  increase the lifespan of greeting cards and allow the consumers the choice to display as a conventional picture for as long as desired. 

Cally ROBSON for She’s Ingenious! - Coaching and support for women developing new product ideas and inventions, centred around an online resource library and discussion forum


Claire HAINSTOCK for ACTING THE PARTY ® -  Innovative solution to the problem parents face when planning and financing children’s parties

Ihuaku Nweke for Ikollection Fusion range - Innovative range of designer jewellery and accessories that forms Ikollection.

Ivana DRCEC  for REFIT PLUS - Software Application

Jan WILLIAMS for Frodsham Laser Clinic Limited - Laser Hair removal for unwanted body and facial

Joanne PANAYI for New Shoes Sculpture Range - Figurative sculptures set out to challenge the view of what people to consider to be appealing as a feminine sculpture

Laura TEMPLETON & Angela Newton for Take Shapes - An innovative new approach to dementia assessment and planning for dementia care

Laura WALKER-FLYNN for CURL WHIRL - Hair styling appliance that does not use heat, butane gas or electric


Liz FORRESTER for The Go Green Bag - Helping to promote businesses while making a green statement


LYZE BAMIGBOLA-SILAS for HATS and FASCINATORS - Hats and Fascinators are made with high-grade materials and to the highest standards which are careful colour matched


Maria MARINO  for Global Architectural and Design RIBA Chartered Practice - Designs of residential, commercial, hotels, leisure, education, shops, offices and listed buildings in conservation areas


Malgorzata KRUMPLEWSKA for www.videoteachers.com for High quality language tutoring supplied in real time online.


Marion AYONOTE for The Icon Bag Series & The Jiggs Pump and Boots -  Unique and creative bags


Mirjana BRLECIC  for The NIKEL Healthy pharmacist-signed cosmetics - Healthy and natural cosmetics with herbal ingredients of proven efficiency


Natasha FAITH & Semhal ZEMIKAEL for La Diosa Jewellery - Handmade and bespoke jewellery


Dr Neri KARRA, for Neri Karra Leather Products - High quality leather and accessories


SAMIRA TABAN, DR for ABS System - designed to prevent bedsore, a common complaint among long hospitalized patients, complete bed rest and immobile patients, spinal injury, MS and paralysis cases.


SOODSAWAT RIGG for NORTHERN SCHOOL OF ASIAN & ORIENTAL CULTURAL COOKING ROAD SHOW CIC - A highly biodegradable product which will change the whole ethos into how we presently use polystyrene as a product and how the World will have to change to Bagasse.

Wendy BOWERS for DVD and Training Range ‘So…You can be a success’ - 20 minute DVD’s in plain English for different stages of business development


Iwalola OWOLABI for Ebony Business Network - empowering underprivileged women through various events, workshop and conferences and most importantly to encourage women to have multiple streams of income

Italian Women Inventors and Innovators Network (ITWIIN) - devoted to support, train and give visibility and recognition to Italian women inventors and innovators.

KVENN and QUIIN Iceland for Connecting inventive women in Iceland and cooperating with similar associations globally by rewarding women for their inventions.

South Africa Women Entrepreneurs Network for building the capacity of innovative women in Technology

Make Your Mark Campaign for building the capacity of innovative women with their Ambassadors programme

Mexican Women Inventors & Innovators Network (MEXWII) for building the capacity of inventive and innovative women

NGO QUIN - Estonia for building the capacity of inventive and innovative women


QUIN FINLAND for building the capacity of inventive and innovative women


OGUNT LTD, UK - A mission to facilitate women’s vision and actions for a fairer and more sustainable world.


SOCIETAS, UK for Sustainable Innovation Think Tank, Agency and Incubator

Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria- A main objective is to provide full time and part time courses of instruction and training in Technology, Commerce and Management, and in other fields of Applied learning for both women and men.


Chairman’s Award – presented to Kane Kramer of British Inventors Society for his continuous support to the development of GWIIN




Dr Maire McLoone
Dr Maire McLoone
British Female Inventor 2007

Dr Maire McLoone, inventor of a product that enhances security mechanisms to protect the public from cyber criminals, such as hackers and identifies thieves, beat off strong competition from other contenders to win the top prize in the British Female Inventors & Innovators Awards 2007 on Tuesday 24 April 2007.In the event at the Café Royal, London, the inventor triumphed with her innovation from Institute of electronics, communications and information technology (ECIT), Queen’s University, Belfast. The research work into high speed security architectures was conducted solely by Dr McLoone, who holds a prestigious UK Royal Academy of Engineering research fellowship at ECIT. Her product required thorough background research which demonstrated the need for real-time data security. Dr McLoone succeeded in developing high-speed security architectures providing a potential solution of real-security. 

West Yorkshire, innovator Emily Cummins was named the Innovator of the Year 2007 for her Solar Evaporation Refrigerator. The refrigerator provides an opportunity to improve life for people in the 3rd world as they will be in a position to store food for much longer than they can now. 19 year old, Emily Cummins who is currently a student of Leeds University explained that developing a product for a real life situation has provided her with an opportunity that many will never have and as she had the chance to visit South Africa she decided to take it and keep trying to develop her product until she reaches her goal of commercial production. The event, now in its ninth successful year, is organised by the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) with support from Equalitec – an european part-funded project by the European Social Fund, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), London Metropolitan University, UK Trade & Investment, National Physics Laboratory, London Remade and Business Link London and many more organisations

See the list of winners below:


The British Female Inventor 2007 - Dr. Maire McLoone - Institute of electronics, communications and information technology (ECIT)

Female Innovator of the Year -Emily Cummins Solar Evaporation

Inventor/Innovation Diamond Winner - Elaine Stephen Walkodile
Inventor/Innovation Gold Winner - Rachel Jones Totseat
Inventor/Innovation Silver Winner - Elizabeth Paul Menitest Meningitis Home Testing Kit

Exceptional Creativity Diamond Winner - Emily Cummins Solar Evaporation
Exceptional Creativity Gold Winner Kate Pullinger Digital Fiction
Exceptional Creativity Silver Winner Marriane Forrest Transformations

ITEC Platinum Winner - Dr. Maire McLoone Institute of electronics, communications and information technology (ECIT)
ITEC Diamond Winner Kathryn Bullock Villas For Travel
ITEC Gold Winner - Christina Domecq Spinvox Voice
ITEC Silver Winner - Eleanor Ford LikeCube ltd

Higher Education Diamond Winner Dr Liping Zhang Lost Caronate Sintering Process for Manufacturing Porous Metals
Higher Education Gold Winner Kate Pullinger Digital Fiction

Product Development Diamond Winner Elaine Stephen Walkodile
Product Development Gold Winner Cintra - Jaggan-Vince Dressing Strap

Environment Diamond Winner - Gayle Blanchflower OutABox®
Environment Gold Winner -Michelle Brand Flowerfall Design
Environment Silver Winner Zawadi Seas The Evolution of Naturual Talent (TENT)

Capacity Building Diamond Winner Susan Williams Vision On
Capacity Building Gold Winner - Brigitte Francois SignVideo

Innovative Business Diamond Winner - Brigitte Francois SignVideo
Innovative Business Gold Winner Pauline Ryder Farm Fresh Express

Best Business Idea Diamond Winner Christina Domecq Spinvox Voice
Best Business Idea Gold Winner -Lucky Dissanayake Dakini Books

Chairman’s Award – presented to Frank Landamore for Inventique



Morag Hutcheon from Hertfordshire won the British Female Inventor of the Year 2006 title with her invention, Pre.vu, a music sampling device built into a standard CD jewel case at the awards event at the Guildhall, London on 21 February.

Founder of the awards, Bola Olabisi said,

�This year we had outstanding entries ranging from high tech gadgets to creative works such as fashion.

All of them illustrate how resourceful women are in terms of problem-solving to improve our lives.� 

For a comprehensive list of 2006 nominees, please click on the link and download the document -: BFIIN nominees ( 6.5mb)

Please contact us for the Official 2006 Photographs

British Female Inventor of the Year 2006
Morag Hutcheon


Female Innovator of the Year 
Jayne Lawton from Cheshire for Grobox (Platinum Award)

Megan Beynon from Winchester for Peridot (Gold Award)

Samantha Fountain from Surrey for Shewee (Silver Award)

Special Recognition 
Joyce Young from Glasgow for the Tartan Spirit Collection 

Sian SutherlandTanya Mackay and Kathy Miller from London for Mama Mio-Maternity Skincare 

Innovator/Inventor in the Industry 
Dr Helen Lee from Cambridge for Diagnostics For The Real World Ltd (Platinum Award)

Julie Baker from Hartfordshire for Antifoggant in Black and White Graphic Arts Films (Gold Award)

Innovation in ITEC 
Megan Beynon from Winchester for Peridot (Platinum Award)

Ruth Woodward from Oxford for Terahertz (Gold Award)

Kerstin Kleese-Van Dam from Cheshire for Effective Management of Scientific Data  (Silver Award)

Higher Education & Learning Institutes 
Dr Helen Ford from Bedford for Optical Coherence Tomography (Platinum Award)

Dr Rana el Kaliouby from Cambridge for Cars with Emotional Intelligence & Others (Gold Award)

Dr Lorraine Gamman from London for Gripper (Silver Award)

Exceptionally Creative Award Winner 
Joyce Young from Glasgow for the Tartan Spirit Collection (Gold Award)

Anita Witter from London for Jewel Isle Rum Punch  (Silver Award)

Product Development Award Winner 
Morag Hutcheon from Hertfordshire for Pre.vu (Gold Award)

Julie Bank from Cambridge for Antifoggant in black and white graphic art films  (Silver Award)

Capacity Building Initiatives and Projects 
Amanda Chessell from Hampshire for CORBA OTS Transaction IBM  (Gold Award)

Abigail Cookie from London for Gigart (Silver Award)

Young Inventors under 18 
Meroe Dalphinis from Ilford for Pop Up Interactive Book �Dangers of Chat Rooms� (Platinum Award)

Heather Lewis and Kathy Walker from Pembrokeshire for Super Safe Ladder (Gold Award)

Fatima Altaf from London for Travel Game �Human Body� (Silver Award)

The GWIIN Chairman Discretionary Award 
Jean Bartlett of The Bag lady 



Deborah Leary, inventor of a product to help police collect evidence at crime scenes, beat off strong competition from other contenders to win the top prize in the British Female Inventors & Innovators Awards 2005 on Thursday 17 February.

In the event at the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, the Tamworth inventor triumphed with her Forensic Anti-Contamination Stepping Plates. Her product allows the police to walk around a crime scene without making contact with the ground. Deborah's clear polycarbonate plastic stepping plates also enable officers to see the crime scene more easily than other alternatives on the market and are lightweight and stackable. She has a registered design for the plates.

Welsh inventor Adrianne Jones was named the Innovator of the Year 2005 for her Biocycle, biodegradable tree shelter and seedling cover, which is used to protect young trees. The product is an alternative to plastic tree shelters, which are more difficult and costly to dispose of.

The eight other inventors in the top 10 were:

Simi Belo of London for Newhair, a new type of wig
Joanne Bradford of Telford for the Holi-Doze inflatable travel cot
Toni Jane Cherrett of Alderney for the Trover dog coat
Cheryl Cullen of Essex for the Kitten-Pole portable dance pole
Celia Gates of Colchester for Handl Cookware
Cintra Jaggan-Vince of London for the Sling Jacket
Liz Paul of Harrogate for Scentuelle, libido stimulation patch
Liz Williams of Denbighshire for Redweb Persona personal safety alarm.

Founder of the awards Bola Olabisi said: "This has been an exceptional year with creative ideas in many different sectors. The awards show that women can solve problems in every environment from domestic to industrial."

Innovative Women in ITEC was won by Akgun Ozkok of Surrey for the Surgical Patient Information System.

Gold award for Support for Product Development went to Wrexham-based
Dr Ann Sudder for the Instant Florist.

Silver award Support for Product Development went to Llanelli's Denise Harrisfor the Envirocomp Composing System.

Gold award for Exceptional Creative Items was won by Andre Neves and Saba Alden of Surrey for Kayapo jewellery.

Silver award for Exceptional Creative Items was won by Yana Johnson for Yana Cosmetics.

Gold award for Capacity Building Initiatives of Projects was won by Frances Williams of London for Interims for Development, knitting skills project.

Silver award for Capacity Building Initiatives or Projects was won by Lorlett Hudson of London for One Hand Can't Clap, an organisation aiming to make a difference to our environment.

The event, now in its sixth successful year, is organised by the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) with support from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), UK Trade & Investment, the University of Greenwich and the Knowledge Dock at the University of East London (UEL).

The awards were presented by Professor Michael Thorne, Vice-Chancellor of the University of East London. 

The Knowledge Dock at UEL has been set up to work with industry and help inventors and entrepreneurs develop their ideas into world-beating products.


BFIIN 2003 Award Winners
Global Special Recognition Award Winners 2003

Eco-friendly Recycling used tyresRama Anand, India
Pia Gunharden Colan - Carpe Novum Science Show Concept, Sweden
Mensa Scarf & Cover Set - Salome Oseku-Afful, UK
Herbal Composition - Dr Eladevi Shah, UK
Kanconnect/the Dingo - Karen Neasmith, UK
Bloom Dead Sea Products - Elham Zeadat, Kingdom of Jordan
QUIN website/Royal Natural Snack - Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir, Iceland
Glass Smackers - Louise Dale Fowler, UK
Mother of Invention in Egypt - Liala Abdel Monem, Egypt
Campaigning for a Fairer System of IPRMandy Haberman, UK



Top Ten GWIIN Inventors 2003


Breath Of life Constant Delivery Resuscitator - Norma Doris McCulloch, New Zealand
Boob Clothing for Nursing Mothers - Mia Cecilia Seipel, Sweden
Illuminating Stone - Ulla Pohjola, Finland 
Glass Bend Liquid Culture Technology - Dr Seema Prakash, India
Loom for Kente Oke Fabric - Princess Adelaide Ofori-Olagbaju, Nigeria/Ghana/UK
The Wig Making Work - Kolfinna Knutsdottir, Iceland
The Green Factory - Professor Margareta Welander, Sweden
BodybasterCaroline Wagstaff, UK
Absorbent Article - Solgun Drevik, Sweden
Perfume Partner - Rachel Quayle, UK 

The Young Female Inventors of the Year winners: 

Harriet Hall age 9 in 1st place for her invention The Rubbish Bill Buster
Eleanor Jones age 16 in 2nd place for Top-E1-Arm
Joint third place went to Jenna Hawkins age 11 for her All-round Communicator and Sonja Mansfield-Smith age 16 for her Walk Easy. 
BFIIN Award Winner
Gloucester chemist, Ithiel Mogridgeproduced the Safe Paint & Varnish Remover as a safer alternative to products already on the market. 

Ithiel, who owns a small chemicals company, Action Products Ltd, uses non-toxic ingredients to make DIY products.

Her Safe Paint & Varnish Remover, for which she has filed a patent application, can be used to remove most oil and water-based paints and varnishes that a decorator will encounter.

Approved as an environmentally safe product by the Ark Advisory Panel.
Ithiel Mogridge

BFiY 2002 Winner 
Safe Paint & Vanish Remover - Ithiel Mogridge

Innovator of the Year Category Winner
Nightowl Keyboard - Barbara Sexton

Women Inventors in Industry Category Winner(corporate)
Solid State Gyroscope - Dr Diana Hodgins 

Young BFiY Category Winner (under 18)
Freezer Back Pack - Elaine Flynn 

2002 Finalist 
Individual Category

Specialized Medical Ostomists Luxurious Briefs 
Infinity Lifetime Candles
Car Seat Converter
Ergonomic Driving Saddle 3rd Place 
Eco Pads
Easy Frame Runner-up
Educational Textiles
Container Tidy
Rabbitts Mat
Safety Feeding Utensil
Well Baby Cot
The Diet Plate
Universal Detection for Liquid Chromatography
Herbal Compositions for itchy and infected skin
Foldaway Toy Model Scenes
Big Hand 

Young BFiY Category (under 18)
Dull Moon To The Bright Star
Multi- Function Door Signal Remote Control
Hover Pack 
Women Inventors in Industry Category (corporate) 
Wreck Finder Joint 3rd Place
(D-Tex) Sensory Fabric Runner-up
Holistic modeling and design of brushless synchronous generators
Auxetic Fibres
Optimisation Algorithm to improve global translation services
The Bus & Train Ergonomic Hopper Window Joint 3rd Place



2001 BFIIN Award Winner

“So many people buy coffees when they’re laden down with bags and risk burning themselves, that I decided to find a solution,” Clare Newton

Invention idea springing from an accident has made a North London designer the British Female Inventor of the Year 2001.

Clare Newton beat other competitors at the event at the Café Royal to land first place in the British Female Inventor of the Year Award 2001 supported by The Patent Office and the Small Business Service. 

She invented the patented Cup Carrier two years ago after burning her left arm up to her elbow as she struggled to carry her bags and drink on the way to work from a café. 

To minimise the risk in the future, Clare set about creating a product that would make it easy to carry a hot drink if you were already carrying baggage. Her three-in-one design allows you to hold a cup in three different ways via a handle at either the side, the top or by forming a cradle to support a cup in a paper bag. 

The Cup Carrier is also registered as a design, and a top hotel chain has licensed it from her to distribute to all its overnight guests.

Clare who used her design registration to strike the deal sees intellectual property as a key aspect for all inventors to consider if they want to make a success of their product.

“Protecting my invention has given me extra clout in negotiations. The fact that you’ve taken the trouble to protect your invention sends a message to a potential licensee that you are serious about your product and that it is unique,” she says.

Download Press Release : Click here ()



Official Charity of the BFIIN Awards 2006 Public Relations

    Kane Kramer 
British Inventors Show
Deborah Fields, Prowse & Co.