Are you exceptionally creative, inventive or innovative? Or do you know a woman that is?

 We aim to encourage women to apply their innovative and inventive capabilities and celebrate their contributions and urge as many women as possible to enter and gain recognition for the excellent work they do.

The innovations may be designed, for example, to improve the way retailers respond to customer preferences; doctors perform diagnostic tests; fashion designers create printed textiles or human resource managers evaluate demands for skills. The innovation may involve changes to the processes, or to a service, or to a product: from easier mobile working to a more effective way of measuring the internal temperature of the domestic fridge.

 The vision and aim of bringing together innovation and enterprise, investors and inventors, designers and manufacturers alongside associated services with the added opportunity for an independent  panel of expert judges who put originality, ingenuity as well as design to the test.

Nominations are welcome from individuals and organizations so please contact us on office@gwiin.com