4-8 June 2012



building maturity while instilling leadership qualities for a more successful role in society

Five Days intensive Programme for Young People


Doregos Private Academy, Lagos, Nigeria



Through a supportive programme of learning and integrated training, the GSEE courses selected for this programme have been specifically selected to demonstrate efficiency and proficiency that are tailored to meet the needs of young people.  Elegance, eloquence and intelligence stems high up on the agenda of GSEE. Our ethos is to portray the best of tradition and culture while achieving success in this modern day.


GSEE recognises that as young people mature, they start to think in a more abstract and rational way. They begin to form their own moral code and begin to assert themselves in a more apparent way. GSEE encourages them to be themselves and form an opinion while at the same time we teach them how to assert themselves with the best and appropriate social and relevant ethics and etiquette.


Classes form practical matters necessary for private and public life while they are provided with the necessary ‘know how’ and ‘essential manners’.


The GSEE programme highlights the importance of the do’s and don’ts in a fun and memorable way while at the same time they are being taught to embrace the African culture as well as that of the Western world.GSEE instills the importance of having the correct social and business etiquette and ethics as an invaluable tool which can sometimes make the difference between winning or losing.



A Brief Overview Of The GSEE Program


Social Education

GSEEis keen to train and boost confidence by offering the opportunity to invest in relevant and crucial social education. GSEEprovides the knowledge of being able to meet and mix in local, national and international circles while ensuring that the courses are customized to meet demand and needs. GSEE recognizes that all young people should be supported with training in international ethics, etiquette, diplomacy and protocol.This would provide opportunities in preparation for advantageous careers and a lifestyle that portrays leadership qualities while climbing the success ladder.


Personal Development

GSEE spends significant time on personal development, behaviour, politeness, ethics and etiquette – GSEE focuses on learning more about self value, the need to maximize strengths and address weaknesses in preparation for a most conducive private and public lifestyle.


We believe “The way one comes across is how most people would judge and treat you. If you don't have good manners, then your integrity and competence would be questioned."

Home management also plays a key part in the course as it is crucial to teach the finer points of etiquette in the home and the importance of learning to serve others. “If you want to manage staff and if you want the respect of staff, you have to understand them.” This part of the course provides a boost inbetter performing such duties including entertaining dignitaries and receiving VIP guests. 

GWIIN recognises that there are a lot of misconceptions that hold us back therefore time is spent on motivating and inspirational knowledge that empowers and enlightens. GSEE takes pride in its knowledge transfer on international communication, developing habits that create great ease and a professional, well mannered approach.


GWIIN methodology includes:

·       Initial analysis  of needs and expectations

·       Designing methodologies to match needs and expectations

·       Creating customized training concepts for the various levels of learning

·       Setting outcome-based goals

·       Audit and feedback


Enrollment Fees: (10% discounted rate for GWIIN Members)

Non Residential: £295

Residential: £495 (this is only available for international delegates)






European and International Bi-Annual Conference

25-26 May 2011: Two days EUWIIN Conference
The New Harpa Concert and Conference Centre Reykjavik, Iceland



A series of most innovative, thought - provoking, and cutting-edge dialogs featuring a diversity of leaders. Share lessons learnt and look to the future..




The conference fee is 185 Euros for GWIIN members. Delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. To find out more, please visit our event page on this website..




Moving that idea forward. Have you got what it takes ?
24 June 2011 Half Day Course, London,  United Kingdom


This half day course and workshop is designed to provide you with the opportunity to learn the essentials about bringing new commercially viable ideas, products and skills to the marketplace. Also get to meet and learn from brilliant minds that bring innovative products and services to the marketplace.


The workshop registration fee is £30 and GWIIN members get 10% discount off. All delegates are responsible for their own transport and accommodation.  



Women’s Capacity Building for Trade and Wealth Creation
11-14 July 2011, London, UK

This multi-sector four day residential training course has been custom made to address the needs of innovative women in business.  With a diversity of one to one and group sessions, this course has been developed to take businesses to the next level of high growth and profitability.  This course provides a more sophisticated understanding of opportunities for developing valuable strategies for worthwhile international trading partnerships.  Meet dynamic trade partners, world class facilitators and participants from a range of disciplines while learning more about how to overcome the inevitable challenges and risks that may occur. 

Areas covered shall include
• Social and Business Etiquette with Confident Networking
• Marketing, Product & Service Development
• International Trading Standard:  Export & Import Controls
• Ethical Exploitation of Cross Border Trading and International Markets
• Intellectual Property Rights and Emerging New Markets
• Information, Communication  & Technology

The benefits of attending
• Discover how to increase profitability in key business areas
• Gain a better understanding of buying behaviours and attitudes
• Acquire new skills and best practice techniques
• Learn how to attract and retain new and valuable partners
• Identify new strategies that can help  businesses succeed
• Find out about current and future trends and how to exploit them

Who should attend
The course is designed for delegates drawn from small and medium growth businesses and relevant government departments and non-governmental organisations with expected responsibilities for business and product development. The course is aimed also at anyone thinking of starting a small business.

The training course fee is £2,950 per delegate and includes all tuition, teaching materials, meals and accommodation.  You will be responsible for your own travel to London.

*GWIIN members receive a 10% discount

Join us and gain that competitive edge as you enter the world of resource rich countries.

For more information send us an email by clicking here office@gwiin.com and we shall send you more information.