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GWIIN addresses the issues & generates benefits by :

  • Increasing the pool of human resources and stimulating wider inclusiveness with the exchange of knowledge in areas of intellectual property rights, access to finance, international trade, equity & commercialisation.  
  • creating opportunities for innovative women to benchmark their skills, re-train, re-skill, re-tool & take advantage of current & emerging opportunities.
  • Intensifying inventive women’s impact on the innovation & knowledge-based sectors.  

Become a member and benefit from:

  • Women inventors Case Studies
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GWIIN Strengthens Individual Members By:

  • enhancing members effectiveness and by providing platforms where members can pool their knowledge and share best practices, information and resources;
  • increase member capacity to enter the market by providing professional development opportunities and technical assistance;
  • protecting and enhancing quality and consistency in the movement  by working with emerging innovations and inventions in their earliest stages, and working with established members to identify and disseminate best practices;
  • linking members with each other in a vibrant, experienced movement with a culture of sharing expertise, inspiration and support;
  • growing member assets by facilitating partnerships and initiatives with national and international bodies;
  • inspiring new philanthropy by facilitating international media coverage of members projects reflecting member views and concerns on philanthropic issues to government, media and the public, by participating in key Intellectual Property sector networks at both national and international levels;
  • promoting sound public policy by participating in consultations and dialogue on issues affecting female inventors and innovators.
  • Business and marketing opportunities


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